IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! And I’m in class!!! SAVE ME!!!!

I’m the man of the day! I’m grateful for another year, month and day. Thankful to still be here with all of you! Happy to celebrate it with the ones I love. Speaking of celebrating do people celebrate 26? Cause I feel like it’s all downhill from 25. I also feel old! (Cracks back and feels the tightness in my joints). I woke up this morning and celebrated by continuing my school work (woe is me). If not for the early birthday wishes I would’ve thought today was another day. Anyway I’ll talk to you guys later! Gotta get ready for school! Happy birthday me!

Max Kellerman and I. Happy birthday Max!!!

Hanging with @marcelluswiley and his jog of water! LOL! “So you came back to get some Marcellus love huh? LOL #marcelluswiley

@amahamusic new EP is going to be soooooo incredible!!!! I can’t wait till you guys hear it!!!!

You’re a heavy dose of nostalgia….
that’s it’s.
I don’t have more metaphors to describe you
and this one does you justice.
Cliff Habat - Running into you, randomly.

Let us rob the sun of it’s splendor.
Let us steal the light from the moon.
Let’s turn an ocean into a dry bed in one day!
Understand what I’m trying to say:

Open your heart to me, cause
I want to do impossible things with you.

Cliff Habat - Take my hand, my fireworks and love.

Hi!…Hello!…You bore me now….Adorable swag tinnzzzz!!!

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