@amahamusic new EP is going to be soooooo incredible!!!! I can’t wait till you guys hear it!!!!

You’re a heavy dose of nostalgia….
that’s it’s.
I don’t have more metaphors to describe you
and this one does you justice.
Cliff Habat - Running into you, randomly.

Let us rob the sun of it’s splendor.
Let us steal the light from the moon.
Let’s turn an ocean into a dry bed in one day!
Understand what I’m trying to say:

Open your heart to me, cause
I want to do impossible things with you.

Cliff Habat - Take my hand, my fireworks and love.

Hi!…Hello!…You bore me now….Adorable swag tinnzzzz!!!

On Mondays
I awake like a zombie,
mad for no reason.
I stumble to the bathroom and walk past it.
I don’t know where I’m going.
I’m just so hungry! And annoyed.
anything will do….even flesh!

On Fridays…well….TURN UP!!!
Where’s the alcohol?
Where’s the party?
The after party?
The after after after party?
Cause I’m so there!

Two days, one guy, different personalities. - Cliff Habat.

I like being here, in your arms.
Curled up like some kind of cold cat.
And I love being in love with you.
But you make it so difficult.

Do tell,
How high are the walls I have to climb to get to you?
I need to know now.

My heart may not have enough vertical leap to jump, to bound, to hop over,
to stay.

Tuesday morning. - Cliff Habat.
For me, life is very much still an experiment.
An unbalanced equation with compound elements
I am unfamiliar with.
Maybe today I’ll have a break through.
Maybe not.
More than likely, right before my death,
I’ll stumble upon the solution to the questions I’ve been asking all my life.
I won’t be sad by that because I don’t care for accolades or
being published in scientific journals,
as long as I can name the answer after myself.
I want to be remembered.
I want to be remembered, so bad.
I hate chemistry, but life is chemistry. - Cliff Habat.
Right next to never speaking your mind, the worst pain you could cost yourself; longing for a heart that will never hunger for you back.
Things I have learned - Cliff Habat
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